Bees, Bowels and B.R.A.T

Bee products such as bee propolis, royal jelly and raw honey usually keep my body disease free. Fall and spring usually stimulate my Ohio Valley allergies, but other than that, honey bee products protect my sensitive body from invaders.

On my return from Europe on March 12,2013, Traveler’s Diarrhea “sneaked” into my  belly……gurgling, sloshing, bloating, spasming and water soon consumed my bathroom routine for four solid weeks. I started to get concerned.Changing to a caffeine free, sugar free, dairy free and fat free diet helped about 25% of the time. Eating the B.R.A.T. diet assisted with the consistency of the stool, but the bouts of diarrhea persisted.

 My intuition directed me to the internet. Gross or not, the key word  “Googled” was “mud pie.” Interestingly, others had blogged or made comments in threads about that exact description. Thankfully, natural products were suggested for use along with my “free” diet plan.

The two products I used faithfully for two solid weeks came from a reputable Health Food Store in Hillsboro, Ohio (The Whole Body Center). They were Grapefruit Seed extract and Grape Seed Extract. They worked like a charm! I noticed a difference in two days and complete recovery in fourteen days….YEAH, no doctor and no antibiotics! So, if you have been traveling and notice a change in bathroom habits, it may necessitate a doctor’s visit or a trip to your local health food store.



Way Too Long

I guess it’s been a while ….sorry I have been negligent with this blogging thing! Life has a way of dragging it’s own “stuff” into the middle of my plans. In fact it is kind of a fluke that I am here today. I was completing a little research for a friend of mine and decided to take a look at my own blog. I quickly noticed that this blog site had been used to express thoughts about my mother and father’s passing. Today, December 5,2012 is my father’s fourth year of not being present in my life. I guess it is time to express……

I stated earlier that dad is not present in my life. Well maybe that’s a little stretch because he is very near and dear to me daily. I’ve come to realize that we often do not realize how much our parents personalities are ingrained until one day- the voice we hear, or the gate in which we walk, or the cliches we repeat, and the laughter we instill echoes in our heads as mom or dad. I know we all have “issues” with our parents……some listened, some did not…..some were fun, some were not….some had time, some did not..etc…. But the bottom line is: we have developed into successful adults providing love, support and economic value to our families, friends and communities. So my father is with me everyday. I recognize his ideas, opinions, wishes, attitudes, passions, cliches and tone frequently. His values and skills wrap me like a blanket and affect my decisions every day.

I miss you dad! I celebrate your passing through the appreciation of all the direction and support you gave me for so many years. I am thankful for the 52 years of life we shared. I remember the softball games, roller skating, band concerts, football games, church attendance and family reunions. But most of all I remember, quote and express your “goofy” stories, sayings or facial expressions. Last but not the least- I am grateful for your faith and ethics. “On Solid Rock I Stand All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand”.

Thank you dad! I won’t say good bye because in a few minutes I’ll be repeating or expressing the “you” that is now part of me.

Honey Bees and The Invisible Legacy of Life

Healthy buzz

Legacy is a noun that rings with the ethereal tune of an adjective. It conjures up thoughts, feelings and descriptions of our childhood intimate relationships.  Smells, visions, sounds and stories summarize our  lives with the thread of legacy weaving the pattern that often defines our mission. The dictionary states it simply as the following:  “Body of persons sent on a mission,” (n.d.). Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved March 14, 2011, from website: 

Legacy appears out of nowhere as we age. It drives and motivates our choices often without a word or hint of itself. We are attracted to things, people, places and opportunities from this innate ghost we eventually name “legacy.” My parents legacy is wide and varied but the main characteristics  revolved around hard work, labor, commitment, making provisions while simultaneously enhancing community life and the nature surrounding it.
The depression was a very difficult time for my father. He had seven siblings and parents to…

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Wake Up To Honey, Enzymes and Eye Health

Why does it take something serious to wake us up? 

I went to my usual twelve month eye exam which includes acuity testing and eye health evaluation…..An  easy, no fretting Doctor appointment turns into a nervous scenario. Apparently my left eye has the beginnings of “Macular Degeneration.”  A thin layer of plaque on the retina.has begun to form. Ouch! I did not and was not expecting to hear that.

Preventing Macular Degeneration

What do i do? Well, First, look at a sheet of small grid-like squares once a week and determine if there are any areas that are blurry or blank. Great! Wait and see if it gets worse and then seek more tests. NOT …..I immediately asked questions about prevention. The answers seemed cliche-1. Proper diet; 2 Lower blood pressure and 3. Increase intake of nutrients that deter toxins from building up in the tiny blood vessels of the eye. All of these can synergistically help slow or stop the degeneration.

DASH Diet with Honey for Macular Degeneration

What am I doing? Eating more honey for the enzymes; consuming the DASH diet for blood pressure control; exercising more strenuously and faithfully taking eye nutrients from “EyeScience” laboratories. Adding a daily “DASH” of prayer won’t hurt either.

I am hopeful for a cessation of this progression because of my positive intervention.

Please contact me if you have ideas, comments or suggestions in regards to Macular Degeneration.

To Bee Or Not To Bee

Christmas is “right around the corner” and I have wrestled for months with the prospects of asking Santa for beehives this 2011 Christmas. I have read articles about bee foraging, land usage, land restriction, bee health, hive variety and city regulations. Bees as livestock has even been questioned and considered. However, as I reevaluated my motive for beekeeping, I realized that bees need me. They need more spaces to live and work and “do their thing”. Bees need a safe place to feed their brood, foster good health, as well as, create honey, wax, bee pollen and other bee products. I want to support the bee population. These little creatures are amazing and we need to foster their contribution to the food chain by helping them survive. A third or more of our food is pollinated by them. This is serious business in which we all should be aware. Contribute to this effort of bee sustenance by considering bee product usage. Honey is a natural sweetener; allergy reducer; energy enhancer; protein provider; wound healer, wrinkle reducer and cholesterol controller. So I have firmly decided to write Santa a letter, dropping him the hint about wanting my very own bee hive under the Christmas tree December 25, 2011.

Honey Bee Products at the Clinton County, Ohio Farmers’ Market

 Getting Started with Local Honey 

Saturday, June 21, 2011 began as a beautiful morning with blue skies and a crisp breeze…..a perfect day for the opening of the Clinton County Farmers Market. After negotiating a business plan with local beekeeper and apitherapist, Jim Higgins of Hillsboro, Ohio, I had his and my honey bee products ready to go. I nervously loaded my new tent, table, folding chairs and products into our small car. My products included a box of my homemade honey soap, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee venom and Jim’s famous wild flower honey. After loading up we anxiously left for the market in Wilmington, Ohio, a quaint picturesque town located in Southern, Ohio.

Upon arrival, veteran vendors and the director helped us set up and at 8:30 AM, the market was officially open. People quickly gathered around and within ten minutes our first local honey bear was sold–to our local coffee shop, South Street Coffee House. I had lots of questions about organic bee venom that morning and while there are some honey bee products that can be considered truly organic, that official certification is very difficult to obtain. Instead, my products are considered organically produced, meaning they are produced in an area with little to no pesticide residue. After fielding those questions we sold several more honey bears, bee venom and homemade soap. Wow!  This was pretty “cool”.

Honey Bee Products

Honey Bee Products at the Farmers' Market

The Joys of Local Foods

As the morning continued our nerves quieted. We looked around and noticed the purple lavender booth; the pretty homemade bird houses; the various spice racks, the homemade berry pies and local musicians singing and playing.  It was quite a mosaic of color and sounds.  As the market continued into late summer the tables of produce evolved into new hues and smells. Organic vegetables including red tomatoes, yellow sweet corn, green beans along with large watermelon, small squash, long zucchini and tiny cherry tomatoes hit the scene and the community lavished the fresh produce. Lucky for us we were located next to John Sharp’s sweet corn or we may have missed out – that corn sells out fast!  Instead we were usually the first one in line.

Lessons from the Farmers’ Market

I learned, or remembered, something about my experience at the market. The simple things in life are free, or at least inexpensive. Strangers becoming friends; seeds sprouting into vegetables and fruit;  hands creating art and music. My effort to promote and to support bees and their products was a nice sidebar. The real joy came from the people of Wilmington.

Do you support your local farmer’s market? What’s your favorite type of products there?

I am a resident of Medina, Ohio-“The Sweetest Town on Earth” and I  recall numerous stories about The A.I. Root Company and its influence with my immediate family during the depression. My father, Wayne Crum and my grandfather worked the hives at the Root Company for pennies a day supporting their family of seven. The stories were full of interesting facts embedded in wit.

Bee Venom and Wrinkles

Bee Honey Healthy

Bee Honey Healthy

As we all know, Baby Boomers are striving for physical excellence and beauty. I relate perfectly to that notion. Lists on my desk on how and when to exercise; guilt over relishing one M and M; reminders to ingest vitamins, liquids and supplements; oxygen masks and lotions for facial imperfections and spiritual meditations for stress relief provide a sense of security for longevity and beauty. So, my latest experiment is with bee products I market on my website http://www.beehoneyhealthy/.

I have been applying a lotion that contains bee venom (Venex) on some deep wrinkles on my face. According to the consulted apitherapists, bee venom does increase the amount of collagen beneath the skin which lessens the appearance of wrinkles. I am excited about the prospects and will be updating my blog with results. I am very hope full about this potential……..I want to remain as youthful looking and vivacious as possible. As much as I hate to admit it, these wrinkles interfere with self esteem sometimes…….especially when gazing at a younger flawless face.

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